Townhome Party

Tips For Your Bellevue Townhome Party

Preparing for a Townhome Together/Party

So, you’ve got a get together or small party planned at your apartment. It could be for a birthday, a dinner party, a weekly TV showing, or what have you. As the host, it’s your duty to provide a safe and clean space for people to enjoy themselves, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to prepare properly.

Using these preparation tips and tricks, you’ll be hosting king or queen, anticipating some of the common party-snafu situations that can arise.

Prepare for Cleanup

Let’s face it; having guests over will get messy at some point. Accidents happen; it just helps to be prepared for when those moments do arise.

Garbage Options

Waking up the morning after a party (especially one you hosted) can be the worst; lack of sleep, a headache, and a mess strewn across your home’s countertops and tables. Although this isn’t a guide on how to prevent a hangover, the mess after hosting a get together doesn’t have to be extreme.

People typically don’t want to destroy your home, but finding a place to actually put the waste in the moment can be a struggle. Before having guests over, set up some garbage/recycling cans somewhere in the apartment that will actually have your guests cleaning for you.

Paper Towels and Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This may seem pretty rudimentary, but stocking up on cleaning supplies can be a life-saver. Spilled messes or even a drink’s cup ring on a wooden table can pile up and even become stains over time. Make sure to take care of those accidents sooner than later!

 Basic Snacks

For most get togethers, a main entrée usually isn’t necessary to provide (unless it’s something like a dinner party). However, a small snack like pretzels or chips can help keep your guests happy and satisfied.

Townhome Party Snacks

Organizing Space

No matter the event you’re hosting, ensure that there’s adequate space available for your guests. Sometimes all it takes is removing a couple dining room chairs or adjusting the couch to a wider position to accommodate everyone.

The key here is not over-inviting; it can be a little awkward when there are more people fighting to sit on the couch to watch Game of Thrones than seats available.

Jon Snow

Talk to Your Neighbors

One of the biggest issues with hosting a get together or an event in an apartment setting is noise complaints. This is easily remedied by just simply letting your neighbors know ahead of time and accommodating as necessary. As long as you’re respectful and follow the apartment complex’s rules, you’re in the clear.

As a follow-up, make sure to relay the info to your guests! Setting a respectful precedent will allow you to continue hosting events in the future.

Dealing with neighbors, minimal space and cleaning up messes are some of the responsibilities that are inherently put on a host’s shoulders. But proper preparation and planning your guests will leave happy and satisfied, with minimal inconvenience on your part.